Disneyworld Christmas
Disneyworld 002.jpg
Our friend in the window greeted us as we checked into the POPS hotel!
Disneyworld 096.jpg
Chocolate carousel at the Yacht Club.
Disneyworld 094.jpg
Mema in front of chocolate tower at Yacht Club Resort.
Disneyworld 092.jpg
Ingredients to make the carousel.
Disneyworld 097.jpg
Detail on the carousel top. See the hidden Mickey on the chocolate pillar at the bottom of the picture.
Disneyworld 116.jpg
Tree in the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Resort.
Disneyworld 117.jpg
Disneyworld 095.jpg
Fantasy castle at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
Disneyworld 102.jpg
Train village at the Yacht Club.
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