Scotland May 2007
Background of the page is the MacLauchlan plaid which is Daddy's clan.

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Map showing Scotland
Glasgow (63 pictures)
Edinburgh (Edinbura) (119 pictures)
Stirling Castle(41 pictures)
Dunkeld(26 pictures)
Balmoral(20 pictures)
Loch Ness and Nessie(12 pictures)
Highlands of Scotland (24 pictures)
East Coast of Scotland (19 pictures)
Orkney (Orkna) Islands (114 pictures)
Northern Coast of Scoutland (43 pictures)
Western Scotland(85 pictures)
Isle of Skye(28 pictures)
Mull, Staffa, and Iona Islands(60 pictures)
Ft. William,Oban, and Ben Nevis(48 pictures)
St. Conan Kirk(41 pictures)
Church Fete(22 pictures)
Falkirk Wheel(19 pictures)
Flowers of Scotland (19 pictures)
Animals in Scotland (39 pictures)
Signs of Scotland (18 pictures)

Barbara and Lee check out the pubs drinking lagers. We drove 1167 miles in 12 days while spending 15 days there.

Lee and I at the Pub
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